Wednesday, September 19, 2007

musings about marathon

I was realizing that if I had not signed up for this marathon, if I did not have this goal, I would not have exercised as much and as consistently as I have done.  It would be so easy to say, "it's too hot", or "not on a Saturday, that's family time", or "it's cloudy and might rain".  But, now that I have this goal, I do something come what may.  Now, if you are an athlete, you probably knew this.  But I'm not even remotely athletic.  This is such a revelation to me!  I think I may have to string together race after race for the rest of my life!!

Speaking of races... I'm getting a team together for the Komen race for a cure.  I just thought of it today and have recruited 3 friends so far.  I'm very excited!  We need to think up a team name, and maybe put together a team shirt...  tee-hee!  Not to mention I need to start running!  I don't know if I can run 3 miles - much less 1 mile.  I wonder if I can speed walk it and still not come in last place?  (considering I'm not much of a speedwalker)  We were tossing around team names - I came up with Pokie-Moms, since our boys are so into Pokemon.  If the dads join then they can be Pokie-Dads, and if the kids do the fun run then they can be the Pokie-keiki.  I'm open to ideas.  We could even be intimidating... like the skull crushers or something.  (should that be boob crushers? but that's not for mixed company...)

We have to register by the 27th and the race is October 21.  That will be one week and one year after my mastectomy.


gosso23 said...

How fun to get a team together I wish I could think of something witty for your team name! It will be here before you know it. What a way to celebrate your year anniversary! I hope your doing well. Hope the boys are doing good in school. Take care,

lanurseprn said...

It's amazing how a little motivating factor will get us to do what is necessary.

Skull crushers?? LOL!