Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LOST sighting, this is a biggie!!

Matthew Fox - confirmed!!

Our family was eating at Quiznos Saturday afternoon.  We almost ate at Big City Diner, but it had a line.  So we were eating our subs, sitting on the stools inside, and I glance over at the man who was ordering.  I noticed he had several tattoos.  He had his hand on his hip and I was looking at the rather large, cartoonish (very colorful) tattoo on his arm, around his inner elbow area.  What an odd place to have a (awful, IMO) tattoo, I thought to myself.  Then I saw his profile.  Gasp!  Is that Jack?  So I punch Gary and ask him.  We got several full face views of him.  He looked directly at us.  I'm sure he thought we were nuts or rude because we didn't even smile - if he were a regular person, I would've smiled.  No, I gawked and analyzed.  His voice did not rule him out.  But we didn't know if he had children.  He was with a girl.  What really threw us off was that he was so thin.  "Slight" is the word that came to mind.  Gary just told me he googled Matthew Fox and found out he indeed has a 10 year old girl and he has tattoos where I saw them which are covered up in LOST.  Bingo!!  We have a winner!!

But wait, the excitement continues!!

From Quiznos we went to Long's drugs.  They were having a sale on Ma Po Tofu packaged sauce and I just had to have some so I could try to make it myself at home.  We were still kinda talking about M.F.  I was in the chinese foods aisle all by myself when Gary rushes up to me and whispers that Hurley (Jorge Garcia) was in the next aisle!!  So of course I make my way over there and pretend to look at stuff nearby.  Hurley was standing there, stock still, contemplating the Pam and oils.  Gary told me he bought some basics, like oil, and a pot and detergents.  So, my first thought was that the LOST cast has moved back and they are filming again.  But then again, didn't we just see Jorge at Buzz's a few months ago?  Did he move away and back?  Why does he need to restock? (and at Longs for crying out loud) Or is he buying stuff for someone else?!!

Stay tuned.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

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amyrangei said...

Wow!!!!!!  I go out to the grocery store and I'm lucky if I see a local newscaster, which isn't really that lucky since we know them anyway!!!  I looove Matthew Fox, but from Party of Five, I really don't like LOST, sorry for the pun but I get lost when I watch LOST!