Tuesday, September 4, 2007

birthday bash!

I've been a little busy (who hasn't?).  We've been celebrating this birthday for days now.

The bowling party was a blast.  I'm sure the manager is glad we are out of there.  The kids were loud, wild and crazy.  They did little break dances after each bowl, chanted "ryan! ryan! ryan!" (or whoever's name), and the Pokemon card trading!!  Oy!  Worse than the exchange.  I had put a Pokemon card in each of the goody boxes and I made the mistake of letting them open the boxes.  Immediately the trading began! 

But, it's over.  Phew!  Finally.

The boys' big gift from us were skateboards, complete with new kneepads and elbow pads.  They love it!  As you can see they immediately began playing with them.  They are not adept, but I imagine that will soon be overcome.

You'll have to excuse the fashion in the pictures.  The boys were still in their sleep clothes.  Which is underwear and pajama tops or t-shirt.  Ryan had his on inside out and backwards!  Typical.

Yes that is me in the present picture wearing the blue shirt and glasses.  Little story on the glasses... I was awoken early saturday morning (1:30 am), rudely awoken, by my bladder.  Oh the pain!  Of course these things happen at the worse possible time.  So I ended up in the ER - it was an empty ER and they were glad to take me.  Gave them something to do.  I now have antibiotics and that lovely med that relieves the pain, but can stain your contacts.  Small price to pay for relief.

I lost another 1.8 pounds, despite all the birthday cake and junk food on Saturday.  I'm liking this weight watchers thing.


amyrangei said...

Now an empty ER is something I've NEVER seen!  LOL  Yea, around birthday time I always get "Mom, it's almost my birthday, I shouldn't have to clean my room...etc."

lanurseprn said...

Your boys are so handsome! I had to laugh at the card trading. I remember those days well! My son had a million of those cards. We had to buy a special album to keep them in! LOL! Too funny.
You look great in the picture!