Tuesday, November 6, 2007

am I blushing??

Y'all know me well enough by now to know that I'm modest and get giggly and embarrassed fairly easily.  So today, I'm at the school doing my volunteer work.  One of the other moms is my new next door neighbor.  When her husband introduced himself shortly after they moved in, all he said was that he worked at Tripler, the military hospital.  I didn't ask him what he did.  I found out today that he is a plastic surgeon.  Really?  <blush>  Oh lordy, has he been in on my 3 month follow up?  See, my plastic surgeon is always having other people in on our appointments - you know how it is.  Somebody's always got to learn something....  It's one of those situations where you are sure that even the janitor has seen you give birth or look at your boobies.  She asked me if I had been in the last 2 months.  Well, no.  But it was in August, and they've been here since July.  Hello, it's been longer than 2 months.  He could have easily been in that room, because I didn't pay one bit of attention to the other folks.  I focused very much on my doctor because I had questions that needed answers.

And then the paranoid thought comes to me: what if this new doctor means that MY doctor is going to leave?  Ack!  That would mean he would get my case.  I don't care so much about the surgery where I get the new implant - what I worry about is the NEXT stage.  The uh, making of the nipple.  Hello!  Can't ignore that one.  Or the conversation that it requires.  You just can't talk about "n's" with your next door neighbor.  And have him build the new one to look like the other one!  <faint>  I don't even want to go there.

Gary just laughs.  Men just don't understand the indignities we women endure.

On a semi (un)related side note: Gary and I were driving down the street and saw this very same neighbor running.  He runs shirtless in little running shorts.  I commented that I would only be able to recognize him half naked and not fully clothed - since this is the way I see him the most.

Shall  I say it?  Tit for tat....  LOL!  I can't believe I just went there.  :-D

I have got to find out a) if he was in that room, and b) if my PS is going to leave.  I don't know when I'll see him again and if I'll be able to screw up my courage.  But I have got to find out.  I'll report back if I find out anything...  Wish me luck!


mumma4evr said...

oh....I can totally understand!!!

mzgoochi said...

Good luck!!!!!!


gosso23 said...

LOL This could only happen on tv! lol good luck..hee hee