Thursday, November 29, 2007

my dream - freudian?

Not one of THOSE dreams!

It was one of those dreams that the feeling sticks with you all day.  I dreamed that tada! suddenly I was pregnant and in the hospital ready to give birth to twins.  I know it was a dream because my tummy was little and I was eagerly anticipating labor to begin.  I was actually disappointed that I wasn't feeling anything yet. 

Also, at some other point in the dream, I yelled out the F word (not in the context of labor).  I clamped my hands over my mouth but no one heard me.

One of my friends in the vortex told me that it was definitely about the marathon.  I'm very frustrated over being in the taper period before the marathon and anxious for the race to begin.  That's  true.  Maybe she's also telling me that she's sick of hearing me yap on and on about the marathon.  LOL!

Um, and NO, I'm not pregnant!  No chance of that!

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mumma4evr said...

strange dream.....LOL