Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the list...

The big thing that has been consuming our lives for the last few months is the promotion list.  Gary's promotion board met a few months back and we found out last week that the list would be released on Wednesday.  Gary's boss gets early notification.

So this is a big deal for us.  It comes with a significant pay raise and better housing and a parking spot at the commissary!  Rumors fly.  Rumor has it that two people got promoted above the zone - Army lingo for, 2 people promoted who had been previously passed over.  That's great for them, but it takes away 2 slots of an already tight situation.  I have not been feeling good about this promotion because Gary has not been sent to Iraq and because he's on permanent profile due to his destroyed ACL.  Gary, however, is eternally optimistic.  And he has every right to be, since he's a good egg.  He loves the army and his country and works hard for them and is liked by all. 

But me, apparantly being a pessimist (I never thought I was), was feeling anxious and just felt compelled by God to pray with Gary about the situation on Sunday night.  Now, despite being very serious about our faith, we don't really pray together as a couple very often.  But we did.  Mostly prayed that I would have patience and peace with whatever the outcome, and thanked God for all the good that he's blessed us with so far.

We found out yesterday.

But I can't tell until tomorrow.  The list officially comes out at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Stay tuned...


mumma4evr said...

oh...no!!!!  I hate cliff hangers!!!!  Hate 'em, I tell you!!!!

mzgoochi said...

darn it!!! I hate waiting! I hope it's good news!