Monday, November 26, 2007

no longer blushing... (crazy venting)

I had my appointment with my plastic surgeon today.  I asked him about my neighbor, the new plastic surgeon at the hospital.  No.  My PS will not be abandoning me.  Whew!  Of course, we got into a discussion of who lived where.  He lives not far from me.  At least he doesn't live next door!!  It seems there are quite a few doctors in our neighborhood.  Anyway, the upshot is, my next door neighbor will NOT be seeing me naked!  Woo-hoo!  (now, if my neighbor were the janitor, then he'd already have seen me naked - you know how those things go...)  just kidding...

So, I don't have a surgery date yet, but am getting one soon for after the new year.  I got the requisite booklet talking about silicone implants.  Of course they have to bring up the scary stuff, however slight the risks are. 

I must say, over time I've become accustomed to my recon side.  No, it's not perfect, but it's not bad.  However, I still avoid bathing suit and bra shopping.  THAT has not improved.  And therefore, that's why I'm going through with the surgery.  (I want those surf lessons)

I tried to talk about all this with Gary.  He just won't give me an opinion!!  So frustrating.  He just wants me to be happy.  I told him I'd be happy if he gave me an honest opinion...  I'm sure he doesn't want to hurt my feelings.  But, according to him, if he were me, well, he didn't say it directly, but he wouldn't have done a thing.  What he did say was, "you're talking to a person who's afraid to get knee surgery".  Yep.  Talking to the wrong person.  I'm not afraid of surgery - I can't be!   I've had too much to be afraid.  HE still has his tonsils for crying out loud!  He was born pretty.  He just doesn't understand...

Gotta go pick up the boys at school.

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mumma4evr said...

I bet you are relieved that he won't be seeing you!!