Thursday, November 8, 2007

here's one for the scrapbook, too bad I didn't have a camera!

You know how on my sidebar I say that people amuse and befuddle me (or something like that) - this entry goes under that section.

I walked on the beach today, first time in a long time.  Just for a change.  I brought my backpack to put my shoes in so I could splash while I walked.  Walk over and I had just changed into my shoes.  I was shaking out my towel, folding it up and concentrating on putting it in my backpack, all hunched over.  That's why I missed her coming.  When I stood up, I caught her passing in my peripheral vision, so naturally I turned to look.

Now let me pause here to say, yes, this is Hawaii and lots of people are on vacation here.  Please don't forget that lots of people live here too!

This gal was wearing long pajama pants and a long sleeved shirt.  The pants were pulled down far enough to expose the top of her crack.  The shirt was pulled up - yes up, to expose her naked boobies.  yes, naked.  Because I saw enough to know.  Saw too much if you ask me.

(Why do I feel a booby theme in my life?)

And she walked slowly, straight into the ocean.


It boggles the mind.

Why not just go topless?  (other than the fact that it's illegal)  Or at least whip off your shirt at the last second and plunge into the ocean?

This is Hawaii, U.S.A.!!  Not the south of France!  Travel tip: if you want to go to a nude beach, there is a beach on Maui called Little Beach.  It's next to Big Beach.  You can frolic in your nakedly nude glory all you want.  But for crying out loud - don't subject the locals to your nudity!!  That's what they make the teeny weeny bikinis for!

This was not an empty beach.  Lots of folks with their dogs.  It's pretty much a locals beach, lots of dogs.  (don't get me started on the dogs...) If you see a dog, then the human attached to it lives there.  Not a tourist.  We deserve time away from tourists and their fantasies.  Respect us!!!!!!

Listen to me rant like I was born and raised here.

But I laugh.  It WAS funny.  And all this weirdness is what makes the world go round!  Gotta love it!  :-D


mumma4evr said...

LOL  hey, I see that even at our little lakes around here....nasty

kmb10387 said...

As I kept reading, I  was waiting for you to say it was someone famous!