Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another attempt at vog pictures

I'm like a pit bull.  *sigh*  Just bear with me. 

This morning I could see the mountains from my front door, however, it was cloudy.  So I snapped a shot anyway.  Good thing, because the clouds are gone but the mountains have disappeared again in a vog haze.

So here goes:

See mountains.  The dark area underneath the clouds, below the palms, yet above the house.  Way in the distance.  Yeah, those are mountains.  (side note: all those clouds and not a drop of rain - so typical.  The clouds have to be black and hanging right over you to rain)

Where did they go?  Was David Copperfield here?

We are now blaming this on the lack of trade winds, and now the east vent that has been continuously oozing lava has decided to add to the sulfur dioxide party.  That makes two vents spewing vog.  I think he just said the trades are coming back in a day or so.  Oh joy!   Maybe I can take yet another picture and PROVE there is a mountain range in our view.  LOL!

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