Thursday, May 8, 2008

my birthday

(I guess I need to update my age on the sidebar)

My birthday was yesterday - the big 43.  I'm old, but that's beside the point.  At least my hair is temporarily not quite so gray.  LOL!  Anyway, my boys sang me happy birthday and gave me their cards.  Those musical cards.  Ryan's (the child who is still in the will) says: It's your birthday, so it's gotta be said - when it comes to mothers...  You da mom!  And the song is The Best by Tina Turner.  (you're simply the best, better than all the rest...)  Jake's card said: A long long time ago... You were born.  Played the Star Wars theme.  At least inside he wrote Happy Birthday!  I Love You!  That redeemed him a bit.

So I get those two cards, Gary gave me a card (non-musical and a bit silly) and then he hands me a bag - as in one of those white plastic grocery bags.  And says "excuse the wrapping".  What????  Gee thanks for the effort.  (this is why I wrap all the Christmas gifts) So I pull out the gift, which was a Bellows AFB t-shirt.  They bought it just this past weekend while they were camping.  Ahem.  (no comment)  And then my DH later says to me, "I have another gift for you tonight".  Great.  You think 3 cards and a t-shirt, last minute after-thought purchases, will do it?  What ever happened to romance?  I then inform them that we are going out to eat for supper because I'm not cooking on my birthday.  I didn't appreciate the surprised look on his face.

So, as you can tell, I'm working up the bitterness pretty good.  Got it stewing around in there.  Especially painful when I'm dripping sweat, vacuuming the house.  On top of that, I had made lamb kabobs for Ryan's 3rd grade class (international fest) - which really turned out to be burnt lamb jerky kabobs.  That REALLY hurt my heart.  I pride myself on being a good cook, and this was just awful.

DH comes home, changes clothes and we head to the car.  In the front seat was a PINK boogie board!!  (which I know was a purchase made that day, but I can forgive...)  Hot diggity dog!  Just what I wanted!  Then we head out to California Pizza Kitchen, followed up by Cold Stone Creamery!  YUMMY!

Ahhhhhhh.  Much better.  The bitterness slipped away with each creamy sweet bite.

No, romance can't be bought - but it sure doesn't hurt when MY wants are catered to once in a while.  :-)

(as I reread this, I'm sensing a connection between food and feeling good.... hmmmm - researchers, take note...)

Do I sound like a spoiled American?  Ugh.


gosso23 said...

Your not old yet! I'm old I will be 45 on the
Boogie board sounds like fun. I want to see pictures!!!
Take care,

lanurseprn said...

Happy Birthday to you...belated! Glad it all turned out ok.