Wednesday, May 21, 2008

you know you're a parent when...

you've gone and done something to ruin it for the "youts".  You know how it goes.  An adult wears it, says it or plays it and it's ruined.  That's it, over and out.  Uncool.

Well, I did it today.  It's official!  I'm that parent.  And this is fair warning to all you parents because it will trickle down to your kids when the word gets out.

Skateboarding.  It's now a zit on the face of life.

This is how it happened.  Friday is the Fun Fair at school.  And they are collecting food donations.  So I bought a big bag of bagged chips and a cube of Diet Pepsi.  I refuse to drive to school - it's not green and all that.  We live less than .4 mile from the school.  So I have to figure how to tote that cube all the way to school.  I come up with the genius idea of putting it on the skateboard and one of my kids is supposed to ride it to school.  Well, my kids are not good skateboarders.  But we manage to get it there.  The part where I ruin it is when I tote the skateboard through the school - carrying it like I'm Tony Hawk or someone.  (are you impressed that I even know the name?  LOL!)  I don't even have to ride the thing to make it look dorky.

So there, you can blame me when the one wholesome after-school activity becomes taboo amongst your young'uns.  I'm truly sorry. 

Of course, now I'm going to have to use that 3/4 concrete backyard of ours to practice skateboarding and maybe even rollerblading.  Gotta dig those things out of some closet somewhere.  I so wanna be that girl in the Diet Coke commercials who's rollerskating with ease.  It looks so fun.  (I wanna be that skinny and pretty too!)

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