Friday, December 1, 2006

boy oh boy

Being a mom is gonna kill me long before cancer does!  I swear it took Jake 3 hours to do one page of math homework.  Not that he had a hard time doing it.  He had a hard time Not Daydreaming.  I even put him in a separate room with no distractions.  And when he was finally done, it was unreadable.  I made him rewrite everything on a clean sheet of paper.  The sloppiness and distractions are just beyond my ability as a parent, and it seems it's beyond the ability of his teacher.  Who knows?  She doesn't communicate with me!  So he was banned from t.v. or games.  He had to stay in his room tonight.  Which he didn't mind.  Nothing to interrupt his daydreaming.  LOL!  He read to his hearts content.  About physics experiments.  When I saw he was reading about quarks, I just had to walk away quietly.  Oh mercy.  I can see it now.  He's going to be like that nutty guy on the show Numbers.  Really quirky, yet smart.

At the park today I saw my future, across the street.  There was a gaggle of teenage boys.  Creating.  Creating what, I don't know.  Trouble.  They had fashioned a large bubble out of clear plastic, duct tape and the air blower thing from their rooftop Santa.  Then they fashioned a tube coming out of the side.  For them to crawl in and out of the thing!  Three of them were inside at one point.  I could see the headlines...  Anyway, my friend Susan said that she had seen the boys earlier in the middle of the street.  One on a bike with a shopping cart tied to it.  And a boy standing on the back of the shopping cart riding it!  In traffic!  Later on the basket half of the cart came out with what looked like sled runners fixed to the bottom and they were heading up the street with this homemade sled.  I guess they were going to find a grassy hill to slide down.


This is my future in less than 10 years!  I will either be totally gray or bald by then. 


Somehow God thought this was a good match.  LOL!  Proof He has a sense of humor.

Life is definitely more interesting after we had these boys.


lanurseprn said...

You are so blessed to have them.  Enjoy this time.  It's one of the best times of being a mom.  I know it doesn't seem like it most of the time....but it is.

am4039 said...

yes sometimes being a parent can be so hard. My kids are going to put gray hair on my chest. Well if I had hair on my chest they would. LOL.

amyrangei said...

I don't have the problem of daydreaming with my daughter, it's that she is ALWAYS right!!!!  She won't let me help her with her homework.  I check it over and if something is wrong, I take a deep breath and try to explain why it was wrong and help her find the correct answer, always a struggle.  Sounds like you have a genious on your hands, thank God for that :)


Quirky is good