Saturday, December 16, 2006

my tangerine tree

As you can see, it's loaded.  It's been like that ever since we moved here.  I thought they were limes and was so excited about the prospect of making "key" lime pie.  But they are starting to turn orange.  Tangerines.  If you like tangerines, they are good.  I'm not a tang. fan.  I've got a neighbor who loves them, so I told her she can have all she wants for free.  Keeps the bees away.  She said the kids that lived here before us sold them for a quarter each!  LOL!

BTW, today I saw the lady that has been supplying us with avacados.  (even though the season is now over)  I made sure I thanked her for her wonderful avacados - hopefully ensuring I will get to partake in next year's crop.  I wonder if I can plant an avacado seed...  LOL!


lanurseprn said...

Beautiful tree!  Looks so warm there!  And yes you CAN plant an avocado seed!  My brother did it.  He was little.  First he put it in a glass with toothpicks to hold it up to root. Then, planted it.  Voila...and a tree grew!   We had that tree for YEARS!!  From what I understand they have to have a "mate" to bear our neighbor had one too.  I guess that's how it works.  
If you can grow a can do this!

gosso23 said...

Wow! That tree is loaded. How cool to have a tangerine tree. Your kids could be rich! How lucky you are to have someone giving you avocados. They are my guilty pleasure. I get a bag of taco doritos and slice it up and go to town. I love it. I pay about $1.50 for one little teeny tiny avocado!