Saturday, December 9, 2006

the playground and cards...

Note to self: next year, photo cards from Kodak or somewhere like that. 

Today, in the mail, I got the chosen one, the christmas photos that I ordered.  So I started working on the cards.  This is supposed to be the easy, fun part.  I bought 3 packs of make-your-own photo cards from Walmart, on sale, last year.  Just slap on the photo, add the embellishments that they provide and wah-la!  Instant cute Christmas card.  Except, you've still got to do the insides and addresses.  Which is enough as it is, without having to make the cards.  (but it's so hard to resist the double whammy of bargain and craft item)  So, to make it even more challenging, I cannot find my address database.  The one I use every year to print out mailing labels.  Augh!  The thought of starting from scratch is terrifying.  I'm going to forget someone.

I could just wait and sent only to those that have sent me a card...    Evil, I know, but I've done it before....  not intentionally, mind you.

Oh, I have decided to NOT include a family letter or note of some sort indicating the difficulties of this year.  I am going to put in a Christmas appropriate scripture, the words "Mele Kalikimaka" which is Hawaiian for Merry Christmas and I found a pink ribbon clipart that I will put somewhere on the inside of the card, in a small, unobtrusive way.  I will actually sign the card.  LOL!

The playground saga continues.  Today I saw Jake and Ryan once again backed up to the fence, this time on the very far side of the playground, by the big boys.  J&R both confirmed that the boys came after them while they were minding their own business.   The boys took off like lightening when they saw us coming (the moms).  I can't imagine it, but I think they thought we wouldn't be paying attention.  Anyway, to further confirm that Jake and Ryan are like night and day, when we were walking towards each other, Ryan was bawling and Jake was smiling.  LOL!  Ryan has such a tender heart and Jake is just oblivious.  He has no fear because he is not living in reality.  :-)  God's got something special in mind for that child.  According to him, he just wants to be their friend.  Bless that child.  You gotta love him.  And Ryan, it's so cute how when he sees Jake getting involved with these kids he goes over to intervene.  Even though he is scared to death.  My brave boy.  I just love seeing the brotherly love. 

Excuse me while I'm verklempt.

Have a great weekend.

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gosso23 said...

I'll bet the Christmas cards are going to be nice. Hopefully you will find the addresses. I like the pink ribbon idea in the card.
Your boys are too funny. I enjoy reading about the playground saga's! I hope your feeling good, and healing well.
Take care,