Thursday, December 21, 2006

sometimes you just gotta love this place!

Right now on tv is an "island style" Christmas special - complete with ukulele and hula, singing and stories.  And just the previous hour on another channel (a major channel) was real hula dancing by some of the local hula groups (probably from the Kamehameha schools, but I didn't see who sponsored it or anything, I just caught a few minutes of it).

Gary had his first famous person sighting today.  He saw a famous Sumo wrestler, who is now retired, Konishiki.  He was in normal attire, he didn't even have a top knot!

This guy is huge.  He weighs like 640 pounds.  He was actively wrestling when we lived here last. 

Another famous, but retired, Sumo wrestler is Akebono.Akebono is a svelt 550 pounds.  He is Hawaiian born, which is a big deal in the Sumo world not being Japan born.  I believe he was the first to break the barrier.  We used to watch him too on tv.

Last week, when I was mailing packages, I had my first confirmed famous sighting.  You've heard of Famous Amos cookies?  Well, Amos himself (Wally Amos) was in the post office!  Very tall black man with a funny hat on and he pulled out a kazoo and hummed out Jingle Bells for a little kid.  A very friendly personable man.He looks exactly like this!!  And he's just a friendly as he looks.

School is out for the boys.  I'm hoping we get to sleep in tomorrow -maybe all the way to 7a.m.!  Gary has taken off until next Wednesday!  Yipee!

Mercy, this show is so funny!  This lady  and man are reading the Night Before Christmas and inserting their own thing inbetween.  "day makin' fun of him cause he fat - day ain't nutin wrong wit a little extra!"  Now they are arguing about the man's pronunciation of Vixon - "how you spell dat, wit a B?  No wit a V as in bictory, bixon bixon; you can't speak no english"  LOL!  Too funny!  I'm dying here!

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lanurseprn said...

It's always fun to see famous people, isn't it?  Living in LA/Hollywood I've seen a few.  Not for a lot of years though.  I think the stars hide out more than they used to.
Enjoy your weekend and holiday.