Friday, December 29, 2006

a little bit of shopping today...

I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so the first chance I had, I blew it all!!  Sports Authority.  I bought a bunch of clothes for my walking endeavor.  The kind of fabrics that keep you cool and dry, so, while I could have gotten a lot more for my money, these are a little pricey.  But I did manage to find some sales.  I bought 3 pairs of black shorts.  Yes, all black, but 3 different styles.  I need to experiment and see what works best.  I hear that what works for 6 miles doesn't work for 13 miles.  I bought 3 shirts, and a 3 pak of dry socks.  For all that, I owed only $6.  Woo-hoo!  (and I didn't even walk yesterday...)  LOL!

Sheila's back!!  and she looks like Phyllis!  (correction: Y&R)

I was able to get out by myself today because Gary took the boys to Schofield Barracks (an Army post here) for a cub scout thing.  He took some cute pictures.  I'll try to post a few.  But theirs and my trip got cut short due to the dumb Striker thing.  The judge came back with a ruling, so Gary had to go into work and he has to interpret what it means or something like that.  You know lawyers, they have to check out all the loopholes.  :-)

Anyway, early this morning I went to get my 3rd fill.  Put in 75 cc's.  Ka-bam!  I'm getting me some booby!  At first it felt heavy, and a little like having a softball on my chest, but at the moment it's a little sore.  I asked the nurse and she said it'll be about 4 more fills.  The PS wasn't there.  She asked me if I wanted to go B or C and I said B.  I want to match the other size.  I really don't want to go bigger (it'll make me look fatter).  I think B is the best size for me.  She said that some ladies get lifts on the other side, and that's definitely what I want to do.  Although I dread the thought of surgery on the "good" side.  But I really don't one side to be that of a teenager and the other side to be that of a 40 something who's had twins.

Finally, I'm going to get to play the gameboy!


lanurseprn said...

I'm happy that you got to go shopping.  How fun!  I love shopping.  I hope the stores weren't too crowded.  
Glad your boobies are coming along.  OUCH on the filling!  I can't imagine.  You've sure been through a lot.

gosso23 said...

You lucky girl you! Don't you just love shopping sprees. Esecially gift card ones! Sound like your making a good choice with the B. Big boobs are over rated. lol
I'm glad that your coming along good in healing. Take care,