Saturday, March 24, 2007

bread results

I'd have to give it a "thumbs down".  Edible, yes.  But definitely needs tweaking.

Too moist.  But that was expected considering it was a wet dough.  So I need to cut down on the water.  Too salty.  My nemesis, who had altered the recipe, had upped the salt to a tablespoon (from 1 1/4 tsp).  And this from a woman who is supposed to be on a low salt diet!  It was even too salty for me, and I like salt. (I also should be on a low salt diet)  Maybe a compromise of 2 tsp. would work.  I added fresh rosemary, per altered recipe.  Not my fave flavor, so I'll either reduce it next time or eliminate it altogether.  Not bad though.  Good if you like that flavor.   I'll have to make a sandwich with it, that might be good.

My bread stuck to everything.  Before I pass judgement on the methods I use, I'll have to make a loaf with less water so I'm dealing with a normal dough.  But even the baked loaf stuck to my cast iron pot.  I managed to pry it out in one whole piece.

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lanurseprn said... looks good!