Thursday, March 15, 2007

my fears are quelled, at least for now

The teacher, actually the teachers aide, was concerned about some sentences Jake had written for spelling.  That's why I had to talk to her.  She didn't seem too concerned, but did turn it over to the school counselor.  I guess I'll hear from him if he's concerned.

I guess if you didn't take into account that Jake is a boy, and that he's a pretty nice kid with an active imagination - then you would be concerned. 

He gets his imagination from me.  That's why I was so afraid yesterday, I had all these horrible scenarios in my head that I would have a child taken from me.  But after talking it over with Gary, friends and online friends, I have been reassured that he's totally normal and I'm not a bad parent.

It's normal for boys to write about nucelur bombs (his spelling) and brothers falling into vats of lava, right?

I guess I have to start making him write about unicorns and rainbows...tra-la-la.

Oh, and get this, right after Jake hands me his spelling notebook with all these pages marked - the class tattletale informs me that Jake knocked a ball out of her hands during a game at recess!  Gasp!   And he *almost* scratched her!  What was I supposed to say???  I told Jake that he should not play so rough with the girls.  <rolls eyes>  That was the best I could come up with.  I was speechless because this little girl was just waiting to pounce on me with this little tidbit - and I was upset about the whole spelling thing.  I wanted to tell her to buzz off, but I just couldn't.  And I just couldn't apologize, I wasn't in that charitable of a mood.

Hmmmm.  Reading all this over, I need to pray some more.  My attitude stinks!  I have a hard time letting things roll off me when it concerns my bubbas.  Oh, I guess the cramps don't help either.  TMI!!  LOL!


gosso23 said...

Boys will write stuff like that. My son Jeff had such a wild imagination at that age. He used to draw pictures of superheros with swords and knives in their hands at school and I would have to hear about that from his teachers. I am happy to report he is 21 and turned out fine. About that little girl, kinda reminds you of that girl from Little House on the Prarie? lol Was it Nellie? lol
Take care,

am4039 said...

I remember when my son who is now 16 was in grade school. Especially 1-3 grades. The stories him and his friends wrote. Lots of killing going on. They are all normal and not going to kill anyone.

mumma4evr said...

my Ethan is 10...and  he loves blood and day during Sunday School I had them drawing pictures of Daniel in the Lions DEn and there was so much blood in Ethan's picture.  I asked him about it and he said the story would have been more exciting if the Lion had actually taken a few bites out if him before God had shut the Lions mouth!  Boys!