Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm gonna pump (clap) you up!

I got my last fill today!!  Yipee!!  Doing the happy dance!  Now my right side is about a 1/2 cup larger than my left.  It's only noticable to me.  I need to wait 4 - 6 weeks then we'll do the exchange surgery for the implant.  They'll call me some time this week for a surgery date.  Woo-hoo!  I asked whether we were going to do saline or silicone and he said that my skin wasn't real thin, so I wouldn't need the silicone...  Actually, I would rather have the saline first.  I hear that the saline sometimes needs replacing around the 10 year mark.  By then, the new silicones will have been on the market long enough, on enough women, for problems to come out, at least to my satisfaction.  They say the new silicones don't leak.  They are a cohesive gel, so even if the shell develops a hole, it doesn't ooze out.  The silicone doesn't separate so it won't migrate around in your body.  There are a few who's had their plastic surgeon actually prove this to them.  So, it sounds good, but we'll see.

The surgery should be same day, in and out, done in the a.m. I should be home before the boys are out of school.  That is including the lift on my other side.  He will be using the mastectomy scar, just a few inches of it.  He said it would be an easy recovery, no drains.  I may not feel like driving for a couple of days.

My camera is still broken and I still don't have a new one.  Why do I keep harping on this??  A couple of reasons.  1.  I have been documenting my reconstruction.  I didn't get to document my last fill - so there will be a gap between fill pictures.  It appalls the scrapbooker in me.  2.  I"m missing major events in my boys' 7th year of life.  They had a birthday party this weekend with Patrick, one of their best friends, and they did the pinewood derby with the cubscouts.  Grrrr.  And I missed half of that campout, when I broke the camera.

Gary has Friday off, so we are going out to buy a new one.  Yesterdays trip to Walmart was to buy said camera, but the shelves were bare.  At least for what I want.


am4039 said...

yea on doing the happy dance. Good luck with surgery when you have it.

lanurseprn said...

So glad you've almost come to the end. Good luck on the surgery when you have it.