Wednesday, March 21, 2007

spring break

Spring break is in full motion.  We've been playing games, watching videos, playing at the park, making airplanes, and even made an attempt at doing a math worksheet.  The boys and I washed the car - so they could earn a trip to Borders.  Tomorrow we are meeting Patrick at the beach.  Some day we are going to play putt-putt or bowl.  I'm exhausted already!

But then there is the dentist.  The boys had their first dentist appointment since we've moved here.  Jake has 1 cavity and Ryan has 5.  They are going to be filled next week.  And if that's not bad enough, Jake is going to need a palate expander.  I knew he would need some sort of orthodontia.  Ryan has a nice wide mouth, but not poor Jake.  Somehow, he has a gap between his front two teeth (just like Gary) but his bottom teeth are just so crowded.  And I've seen his xrays - he's got some big teeth a-comin.  So I think this is a good plan for him.  Hopefully he can avoid braces.  But really, isn't this just as bad?

Okay, and my attempt to be perfect mom - I got them to pick a day of the week for them to plan the dinner menu, and do whatever they want to make that meal theirs.  Jake picked Monday and Ryan Wednesday.  On Monday, we had "Pasta Squidward" and "Gary's Globbier Globs" from the Nickelodeon cookbook.  Tomorrow we are having "Chester Cheese Pizza" and oranges and pineapple.  They haven't really gotten into it - but I'm hoping this will last beyond spring break and they will get adventurous.  Of course, I don't want 2 days a week of kid food....  But I do like making our own pizzas.  Maybe Ryan will gain an interest in learning how to throw dough.  I've tried, but I'm just not good at it.  Maybe one day I'll let my hair down and make dough solely for the purpose of practicing and just go for it.


demandnlilchit said...

First of all THNAK YOU for sponsoring my Walk on Mother's Day! 2ndly, I will be walking in your honor as well as Trish and other BC J-Land survivors......and last but not least with all that pizza dough you're going to be making you can always break off small pieces and stretch them out quickly with yout hands and throw them in a pan of hot oil......cook quickly both sides, drizzle with butter, sprinkle powdered sugar and waaallllaaaa! my favorite carnival food "elephant ears" lol


gosso23 said...

You are such a good mom! You're doing lots of fun things with your kids. They will always remember that. Good luck with the dentist and the fillings next week. When my daughter was little I had to drag her kicking and screaming. Trish