Sunday, March 18, 2007

spring break

Since we are on the year-round schedule, the boys have 2 weeks off for spring break.  I don't have anything planned!  Yikes!  Well, there is the dentist on Monday...

I need to make a mammogram appointment.  I want to get one done before the surgery.  Did I already talk about this?  I'm apprehensive.  I need to get it done, but what if they find something?  Well, what if?  I will just do what I have to do.  But now that I made these plans, like the marathon in December, I don't want my plans screwed up.  That reminds me.  I need to ask my PS if I'm making a mistake getting a lift on the good side.   When discussing what type of reconstruction, he mentioned something about saving the DIEP or Tram flap type surgery (the tummy tuck) for the other side if needed.  I need to confirm with him that I CAN get that kind of surgery if I need it.  Because I don't want to cut out good skin that could be used for an implant later on if that's my only option.  See, I had initially disregarded the tummy tuck procedures because I've got a huge scar on my belly that limits available skin.  Well, that's just something I'll have to make note of.  That's why I write this journal.

paper airplanes.  They are all the rage with the group my boys hang with.  We have got them all over the house.  They play with them almost everyday after school at the playground.  I think it's great.  I've only been able to find one book, but another mom (the mom of the kid who started this fad) has got at least 5 different books.  It all started with balsa wood planes.  They break easily, but are fun to fly.  The paper airplanes are fun, but take a lot of folding, and usually are good for one day before they are too crumpled to fly.  The foamy type airplanes are the best because they fly good, they don't hurt if they bonk you, and last longer.  But they are the best favored by the kids.  I guess because they don't fly as well as the balsa and they can't be manipulated into cool shapes with cool papers like the paper.    We keep saying they are learning physics.  LOL!

Ryan's teacher sent home a little packet of homework.  Not much.  But it has an addition worksheet, a subtraction worksheet and a multiplication worksheet that we can make multiple copies of and let them practice.  In contrast, Jake's teacher sent nothing home.  She was even absent on Friday.  I guess an early start to her vacation.  So I will be making them both do math over the break.  Just one worksheet a day.  I don't think that's bad.  I need to find something for Ryan to practice his handwriting.  I have some online friends who's 2nd graders are doing cursive writing already.  I can't even imagine that!  Ack! 

Oh, I bought the new camera!  I decided to make the decision easy by going with the same brand.  It makes the learning curve easier.  I also decided to go with just the 5.0 mp resolution.  I hear that's all the average Joe needs anyway, and it's gonna be better than my 3 mp.  It only cost $99.  It fits the same batteries and memory cards that I used before.  But it does not fit the recharger dock - so I need to buy one.  Rechargable batteries is the only way to go!  And the software is the same, but upgraded version.  The picture of Ryan is the only one I've taken so far.  Test picture.

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lanurseprn said...

My son was really into paper airplanes for awhile, too. We bought a book on them and I remember being shocked at the number of different styles you can make!  We had a ball!