Friday, March 2, 2007


I have decided to take a week off, unplugged from the computer, more or less.  I will check emails once a day and download my J. Vernon McGee for walking - but other than that, I'll pretty much try to ignore it.

I am lazy.  I'm probably the only person who will ever admit to that, but there it is.  So I've been finding the mess in my house growing, while I avoid it by plopping down in front of the pc.  There's always some good reason.  Gotta get a recipe, check the mileage of my walks, check up on friends - you know.  But I've been spending way too much time on here.  And going cold turkey is more likely to happen than weaning off slowly.  My house needs cleaning.  Well, it needs picking up.  We are under a pile of papers - mostly homework papers.  But, I'm embarrassed by the knowledge that I have a christmas card somewhere on the computer desk that I need to find, because it has an address on it - and I need to send her a christmas card!!  The dirt is never ending.  When you have all the windows in your house open 24/7 - dirt gets in, quickly and thickly.  Just the basic daily housekeeping is a major chore.  So picking up the clutter falls way behind.  I need to do spring cleaning too.  All the jalousies need to be wiped.  I've seen areas of mildew that need bleaching.  The carpet needs shampooing.

Hmmmm.  Maybe I need to take a month off.  Anyway, if I make it through the weekend, it'll be a miracle.

And it's not just the house keeping.  Jake made some small side comment about me being on the pc.  I can't even remember what he said.  It hit me that I spend too much time on here.  Even if it is just popping in and out.  I don't want that to be my kids' childhood.

I'll be back.  And then I'll be playing catch-up with all my cyber friends, hopefully with more moderation and restraint.  :-) 

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gosso23 said...

I was so sick I have been on the couch and I would look over at my computer and didn't even have enough energy to go on it for a couple weeks now. I have been been on more the last 2 days than the last 2 weeks.  See you when you get back!