Sunday, August 19, 2007

dare to dream

So the other day we're sitting in the vortex and Ryan walks up.   He announces that if he doesn't become a ninja or singer when he grows up, then he wants to work at McDonald's.  I look over and catch Susan doing her best to not burst out laughing.  So I ask him, what do you want to do at McDonald's?  And he says he wants to boil the french fries and chicken nuggets (since that's what he likes).  And I said that he'd be a fry cook like SpongeBob.  And he says, but not flipping burgers.   It's good to have standards...

So later that evening we are telling Gary and Gary says to Ryan, you know, you can start working at McDonald's in a few years... Achieve your dreams early.  (then what?)

Then Ryan starts talking about opening a gourmet restaurant that serves all his favorite foods.  Pizza, chicken nuggets, peanut butter crackers, pancakes, and for dinner, to be fancy, tortellini. (frozen, don't you know)

I love my kids.  They are so funny.  :-)

Tonight the family went to a lighted tennis court and played, er, fooled around.  It was so much fun.  It may become a regular family activity.  Jake has some pretty good natural talent, but he gets bored easily and spent a lot of time laying on the ground and being our target.  don't ask...  LOL!  I'm a lousy tennis player - just not athletically inclined at all.  I made a C in tennis in college.  Who makes a C in tennis??  I only took the class because of Gary.  He was on the tennis team in high school.  So at least he's good enough to keep the ball in volley.  I got better as the night wore on.  But now my arms are a bit shaky.  Plus my hand turned black due to the deteriorated tape on my racket.  Gotta change that.

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amyrangei said...

LOL, I remember wanting to work at McDonald's when I was a kid, just so I could have all the nuggets and french fries I wanted!!