Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm am so weird - TMI

Went for my well woman visit today, which is code for pap smear.  I don't know what is with me.  I knew, when I made my appointment, I'd be going to a man doctor.  The same guy who removed the mole on my back.  You'd think that gross image would stay with me.  But nooooooo....  Stick a male doctor in front of me and I get all giggly.  *blush*  I'm turning into such a flirt in my old age.  I could barely even ask him how to give myself a BSE on my reconstructed side.  The words came out in the most incomprehensible babble.  (I'm so very good at flirting - LOL!)  And he wasn't even balding (see earlier post...), he had the most gorgeous head of thick, black, curly hair. 

Mid life crisis.  Too bad my DH is missing out on it!  No way am I going to share this with him.  He thinks I'm weird enough as it is.

BTW, the geek squad guys did nothing for me.  It must be a doctor thing.  :-)

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