Tuesday, August 14, 2007

an interesting next few days

well, you know the hurricane is coming.  last week the volcano started flowing from a new site, close to the usual one (Kilauea has been flowing lava for years and years continuously).  Tonight an earthquake 5.4 shook at about 7:40 pm, they say 25 miles south of Hilo (big island) which is just about where the volcano is)  You ask me, I'd be afraid it's going to blow.  Maybe during the hurricane.

Of course, the earthquake causes tsunami watches and there will be aftershocks.

Don't be surprised when you hear about the Big Island needing a little FEMA...

I"m watching the news, the weather, and that hurricane took a turn and is heading right smack dab to Big Island and the direction it's going, all the islands will be affected.  They had told us earlier that it would hit the big island, but pass south of us, since we are a bit north and several islands west.  Ah, I see schools are closing.  I still need to buy peanut butter...  Maybe some ice.  Heck, I'll just join the other panickers and buy whatever I can lay my hands on! 

I'm just saying...


lanurseprn said...

Volcano, earthquake, AND a hurricane?? Man...!!  Don't even ASK what's next? You don't wanna know!
I hope you all are safe and that the hurricane just goes right on by.

nay0114 said...

I was thinking about you when I heard about the hurricane. I hadn't heard about all the other things going on. My goodness things come in threes you know. I guess God thinks you guys aren't having enough fun in paradise. Please take care and let us know how things are. I will be back to check.
Take care, Chrissie