Tuesday, October 23, 2007

book controversy

just a quick entry to answer Becky's comment.  Yes, I know about the controversy.  It's kinda crazy how people are so passionate about it.  To explain, it seems that there is another book out there called "The Sneaky Chef" by Missy Chase Lapine, that is basically the same premise.  Her book came out in the spring of this year.  So her fan club seems to think that this gives her the right to be considered the originator.  Although, sneaking vegetables is a concept as old as moms ever existed. 

I found out about both books via an email I got from Borders.  It had both books listed side by side.  (ironically I can't find either book at our local Borders)  I had every intention on buying the Sneaky Chef book - but I like to actually hold the book and flip through it before doing that - and I can't find one.  So I find the whole controversy hilarious.  I bet there are more Sneaky Chefs flying off the shelves now than before the DD book came out.

One last note, I just went to the SC website and she is going to be on the Today Show on the 25th.  LOL!  There's no such thing as bad publicity!


mumma4evr said...

LOL...I thought the same thing about the publicity!  LOL

and i have been sneaking in veggies for years...

amyrangei said...

When I saw Seinfeld's wife on Oprah, Oprah was making such a HUGE deal about the cookbook that I just wanted to smack her!  I used to like Oprah, but lately she has had these guests on that have "discovered" something that can "change your life".  I think most moms would sneak veggies, and even medicine (like my antibiotic when I wouldn't take it) into our food!  Oprah treated Seinfeld's wife like she was a Goddess who stumbled onto this GREAT secret!  She also had this guy on who wrote a book about how we would all be so better off if we just change the way we think, ok, duh, don't we all know this????  I get the feeling Oprah thinks we are all a bunch of idiots!!!