Sunday, October 14, 2007

I don't understand... (vent)

First, have you check your bosoms this month and have you been squished this year?  If you answered no to either, then get on it!!  (get your pap too)

There seems to be a lot of grumbling and disgruntled people concerning breast cancer awareness month.  I don't understand it, and I don't know if it's unique to this year or has been a growing trend.  I kinda understand it coming from gals who have/are dealing with breast cancer themselves.  They are sick of the subject and feel that it's a money making opportunity.  yeah, well what isn't?  But I can understand being sick of the subject - and do not doubt their desire that their friends and family understand the importance of early detection. 

But I still don't understand the backlash.  Particularly from those not affected by it.  Yeah, I see it some, but not as much as what people say.  Okay, so there are pink baseball bats and tennis rackets.  So what?  I like pink, and if someone sees a pink ribbon and it plays on their guilt for having skipped making that appointment, then a good thing was done.

I read a blog today that I should have not.  They were railing on and on about it for much longer than this entry will be (I hope).  Stating that breast cancer is a curable disease.  Um, tell that to some of my friends.  Thems fighting words.  The blogger is dealing with their own physical (and who's not to say mental) problems which are daily discussed and much fodder for anything food related - but since there isn't a month or color (oh, but there is a ribbon) for their disease, this person had to go on and on about it.  This person is very knowledgable about many things, but not everything.  Asking what about other cancers?  well, the ones they listed ARE related to BC.  Oh, the bowing and scraping, this person says they don't mean to put down BC, blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, say that about the disease they are dealing with and see what you get...

Of course, it got me all defensive, so I left a comment.  Short and to the point.  But this person is clever with the internet and will probably figure out who I am and then let all you know what loose upon me.  Of course, I do regret making a comment.  It's not my style to drop bombs, but it happened like an out of body experience.  Regretted it as soon as I clicked the mouse.

In lighter news, the blue angels have been here this week, practicing over our house.  I have video and some really bad pictures - I'll try to post tomorrow if we don't go to the show tomorrow.  Gary really wants to avoid the crowds and traffic, and so he's been saying that we've seen the show!  cop out!

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mumma4evr said...

some people just need to run their mouths to feel better aobut themselves.....sorry you had to read that blog!