Thursday, October 4, 2007

zoo trip and pictures

This is a picture of Gary and the boys in the stadium, waiting for the game to begin.  We are quite early, plus in the nosebleed seats.  Notice the shaka (hang loose) foam hands, instead of the foam #1 finger.  Very cute.  The "Bows" are having a great winning season - no losses so far.  Their quarterback, Colt Brennan, is a Heisman hopeful and was on the cover of the most recent ESPN magazine.  (the only reason I know that is because we just started getting it!  what a koinkydink)

The zoo was a zoo!  The shenanegans began with a loud noise.  So of course we had to investigate what animal was making the noise and why.  Here's a picture:

Yep, stacked tortoises.  That's my term for it.  They are LOUD.  And not fast.  It went on and on.  Oy, the embarrassment.  Ryan took this picture.  I couldn't even hardly look at them.

Later, the boys were playing on the zoo playground and a peacock walks by.  With nachos on it's back.  Yep, chips and cheese.  Weird.

Then the chimps!  They were a bunch of disgruntled, sullen, angry adolescents.  They slammed into the glass wall, threw rocks at each other, screamed and fought.  It was scarey. Word has it that they have already broken the glass, and someone has reported that they even have flung poo over the glass at the people.  Oy!

We spent 4 hours there and didn't even see everything, and it's a small zoo!!  Here are pictures of the zoo crew:


gosso23 said...

Love the pictures. And the tortoises, can I just say..bow chica bow bow! lol
I love the pic with the giraffe. How cute.

mumma4evr said...

I can say I do not blame the chomps...I would be flinging poo too...imagine people coming to gawk at everyting you do......LOL at least they weren't Stacked!  LOL

lanurseprn said...

Enjoyed your pics! You mean the turtles were know? I didn't know they did it like that! LOL! I guess I never thought about it LOL!
I had a Gorilla throw poo at us once. Very annoying! And once we came upon chimps doing "it" while hanging on a tree. Pretty limber, huh? LOL!
Glad you had fun.

nay0114 said...

Love the foam hands instead of the finger. The zoo was a zoo so to speak. LMAO on the turtle picture.  Wow throwing poo some animals were having an angry day. Thanks for sharing the stories.
Take care, Chrissie