Friday, October 19, 2007

brag, brag, brag, brag

BOTH teachers had nothing but great things to say about the boys.  (my chest is welling with pride as I type)

Their progress reports are too long and complex to repeat here, but they've both fared very well.  They are both grasping math concepts quickly, they are complex thinkers, they get along well with the other students and are respectful with the teachers.  Ryan is reading on a 6th grade level and Jake on a 5th grade level (he is in her highest reading group).  Jake's teacher explained how she had the class divided up and what they do during the reading block and I was so totally impressed.  I LOVE these teachers.  (it helps that the boys are doing well).

Ryan's teacher said he is an ideal student and he has the ability to calm and focus himself when he takes tests - and this will serve him well in school.  She also recognizes that he is sensitive.  She told us about how she saw him reading a Junie B. Jones book and teasingly fussed at him that she didn't want to see him ever reading that again, because he can do better than that.  She said she could see his eyes welling up, so she apologized and sent him to the restroom.  Ryan takes school and authority figures very seriously.  So now she knows that she cannot have that sort of casual banter with him.  I also told her about his distress over some of the girls being impatient with him, and she totally knew what I was talking about and has already talked to them and will do so again. 

Jake's teacher totally recognizes what a sponge and avid learner he is.   He loves scientific things.  Got some cute stories out of her.

The not so good parts:  Ryan's handwriting.  It's inhibiting him.  This is why she is so surprised at his reading level- because he's not able to express it in a written way.  He just wants to rush it.  Plus, he's shy, and his speech is not very good - so that doesn't help either.  But he's got all points firing up in that brain.  We have typing software and we need to get him back into practicing that.

Jake is focusing better, but she suggested he have his hearing tested.  She thinks they can do that at the school, so we agreed to that.  Plus he still needs to work on his handwriting.  She cracked up when we talked about him laboring over his cursive writing. 

I feel good that they are getting a good education, in a pleasant, challenging, safe environment and the teachers are totally on the ball and very impressive.  Our school has been getting a bad rap this year, but these teachers are tops!


buggieboo1 said...

great NEWS!!!!

it's ok to brag! I do it now and then too!


~make it a great day!~

amyrangei said...

You have every right to brag!!!  You have some great boys there!!  Check out my new blog :)