Thursday, October 4, 2007

James Gandolfini

I don't know if I spelled his name correctly.  We don't have HBO, so we don't watch the sopranos.  Gary said he saw J.G. at the Safeway when we were there doing popcorn sales.  (he didn't buy popcorn - but who can blame him? he was on vacation I'm sure!)  Gary said he saw somewhere that J.G. had been spotted in Hawaii at a restaurant, so it's likely that was him.

Just wanted to report that to the star watchers...  I'm a horrible name dropper, aren't I?


nay0114 said...

Cool... you guys are always getting stars vacationing.
Take care, Chrissie

mzgoochi said...

We watch the Soprano's and he's a horn dog on the show. Read an article not to long ago saying his real life personality was dead on the character he plays on the Sopranos. Womanizer!