Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bad memory and moving talk

Before I forget, I added a new blog link to the side called Carrots N Cake. I'm a nut for recipes, so that's the sort of blogs I'm listing there. Don't take it wrong that I'm not listing the blogs I actually read for friendship. I'm keeping tabs on you!

Speaking of memory and forgetting, I've got to post what ridiculousness I just went through.
  • I went into the kitchen to refill my water bottle so I could take some vitamins.
  • forgot to take vitamins
  • instead went to bedroom to fold clothes
  • remembered that I forgot to take vitamins
  • walked to kitchen, forgetting my water
  • headed back to bedroom, got water
  • bypassed kitchen to get laundry basket
  • did a u-turn because I remembered my vitamins (only because the water was in my hand)
  • FINALLY took my vitamins
  • went to get laundry - dryer was empty!
  • loaded wet clothes into dryer LOL!

I think I need to start on memory enhancing vitamins - what do you think? LOL! This is just a taste of my future...


moving news... Gary emailed me in a little bit of a panic yesterday. The people who schedule the movers and packers wanted a date. The move is 5 months out - we haven't even begun to talk about that. So he's been busy plotting and planning the best dates to move. It will be sometime mid to late June. He needs to think about how much time he needs to outprocess. His report date is July 15. We need to find a house between leaving the island and reporting to work. We have decided to rent. Ft. McPherson is definitely closing in 2011. So it's just not wise to buy a house for 2 years. (although, the housing market is absolutely saturated there, we could get a great house for a good price) From the searching I've done, we can RENT a great house (twice the size of what we're living in) for well within our housing allowance. Shhhh, don't say that too loud or they'll reduce it.

Our considerations are schools, of course, safety and commute. One of the areas I'm looking at is Peachtree City. It's a planned community. A "golf cart" community. Lots of golf cart paths, like 80 miles of them. It's an affluent area and pretty self contained. I have visions of Stepford Wives, ya know. I'm both fascinated and wierded out. Gary's sponsor lives there and he says the commute is between 35 and 45 minutes, depending how early he leaves. I'm not wild about a 45 minute commute, but that's probably not bad for Atlanta. And I'm actually not wild about living in an affluent area. I'm a relaxed person and I imagine I won't be able to meet many women because they overschedule their kids. (that sounds pretty judgemental, eh?) But the paths fascinate me. I can imagine that I could easily find long, safe walking routes, and we could walk or ride bikes to school. I love living in the country, but country roads are not safe to walk on! I guess that's what they make gyms for. Plus we need a house that has guest rooms. I don't think that will be a problem.

The boys started school today. Ryan has been so upset. He was crying last night. See, he forgot to bring home his reading log notebook, and he was required to read every day during winter break. He's done this before and so the teacher "flips" him (behavior chart) when he forgets. He's afraid of how many times she's going to flip him. He's been writing his reading responses on notebook paper, even though he knows he'll get flipped. He was a basket case at the beginning of break when he first realized he forgot it. I hope it wasn't too harsh for him today. He worked so hard on it and was very faithful to read - even though he knew he would be in trouble. I'm proud of him. It would be so easy to just say "forget it, it's not worth it".

I leave in 5 minutes to pick them up!

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