Wednesday, January 28, 2009

stitches are out!

Well, I freaked out this morning when I saw a spot more of blood - so I called the clinic and they took me as soon as I could get in. My doc is in the process of out-processing, so he was kind to take the time to see me. He probably thinks I'm hysterical, because he didn't see any problem! But I'd rather be considered hysterical than actually ill. Huge relief. He took out stitches and cleaned everything up and rebandaged. The new bit looks really good. It's nice and pink and healthy looking - if a little bit tall! It should shrink about 60%, so that's good. In a month I will see a doctor - possibly the next door neighbor or possibly my last doc if he's working yet. I just need the okay to go on to the tattoo stage.

The diet is going well. The numbers are going down on the scale. I still have cravings and the afternoons are really hard - but it helps if I stay busy. Last night's mexican chicken soup was really good.

Tonight's soup was greek fish soup. I like fish, but in a soup just is not appealing to me. But I forged ahead. I made it and ate most of it. I ended up picking out the fish and throwing it away. It's not that it tasted bad, I just couldn't get past the 'ick' factor. So I will not be eating that recipe again. I rewarded myself, just for trying, with a weight watchers giant fudge bar. It's the only "treat" I've had this week so far. Boy did it taste good.

I have done some self analysis, and I've discovered that a lot of my overeating is me trying to recapture that yum moment. Like, I'll eat popcorn at the movies. The yummiest pieces are the salty ones, and they aren't all salty. So I keep eating, hoping to hit the yummy salty one. That's just one example. So, now that I'm aware of this, I need to be aware of when I'm doing this and take charge. The good side of this mentality is that I do the same thing with healthy foods. So I'll sit there and eat a whole serving of broccoli that only tastes mediocre because I'm searching for that yummy bite. Weird, it's like I'm eating a memory rather than what's in front of me.

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Trish said...

Glad you got the stiches out. Sound like your doing better.
ok...the fish soup sounds just awful. lol.
I know what you mean aobut cravings. I have been on a diet for 3 weeks now..I lost 2 the first week and 3 the second week, the third week I had major craving and caved into them. I had pizza and chinese food! I didn't lose a pound for weigh in but I didn't gain either. I'm going to try harder this week. lol
Keep it up, I think your doing great!