Thursday, January 15, 2009

the saying is true

necessity IS the mother of invention. Okay, so yesterday I was complaining about the loose bandaging. My first instinct was to tape it up. But I'm sensitive to tape and it really didn't work well, unless I wanted to wrap myself in it. Not! Then I thought that wearing a tank top would be close enough to the body, yet not tight, that everything would stay together. Well, that was a good start. This morning I wanted to put a bra on top of all this, but I think that would cause too much rubbing on the new bit. Then it hit me. Brilliant. A stretchy reflector belt. All I needed was something to hold the works up, and if I put this thing around my upper waist, it works! Who cares what I look like - nobody is going to see me. So that problem is solved. For now.

One of my online friends who had this procedure said her doc gave her this product so I just ordered two. I don't what the doc will say tomorrow - but he mentioned something about cutting down a syringe and taping it over my bit. So far, though, it looks good. It's pink, but it's also black. The black is probably dried blood and stitches.

I'm feeling so much better today. I hope you can tell by the tone of my post. By supper last night I was feeling so much better. I guess the heavy drugs were wearing off pretty good. I slept in my good ole recliner, and slept really well. I was woken up several times by the wind noises. We are having some strong gusts, the surf is big but not "organized" for a big Eddie Aikau surf contest, and they are predicting the power will go out again. Ugh. Please say it isn't so. On this island, when an area goes out, it just dominoes over the island. And it takes hours to get it back up. It's happened with the big earthquake that happened the day before my mastectomy, and then a few weeks ago when we had lightening. Yeah, we don't get lightening much, so when it strikes - well, let's just say it's like southerners driving in 1 inch of snow. LOL! I can say that because I'm one of them!

This has been a long day.


Trish said...

Hope your feeling better! Love the little shield idea, that might work for you. Keep us posted on how your doing. I bet everything turned out wonderful!

Pamela said...

Hope you're feeling better today. Stay safe out on that island.