Tuesday, February 27, 2007

it's so distressing!

Another pedestrian killed.  The 9th death in 9 weeks.  And the most distressing thing is that most are elderly.  Not even using the crosswalk.  It has been so bad that the police have been out specifically ticketing jay-walkers.  They did a news segment on it, and it showed an officer giving a warning to an elderly lady (who jaywalked because she was running late for mass) and then later the cameraman showed the same lady jaywalking again!  Stubborn!   I'm so distressed over this.

And then, this week an elderly tourist who was here with his wife, stabbed her to death!  They were in their 80's!

And then Britney Spears running wild, Anna Nicole - will they please lay her to rest - her poor baby daughter.  Augh!!

Is it a full moon?  The winter season?  Something in the water?  Global warming?

I stopped watching the news when it scared me to death as a teenager.  It seems I need to stop again.  I still can't handle it.


I need to lighten up.

Ryan announced last week that he was going to spend spring break writing songs.  He has already written 3.  "Love package", "Love Giraffe" and "Dirty, dirty boy".  Get your head out of the gutter!!  They have spontaneously written songs ever since they could sing, so this should be an interesting spring break. (in March)

I've departed from my usual reading material, and am reading "Eragon".  We ordered it from Scholastic, and I was surprised that it was the whole book!  I thought it would be a little excerpt or something.  Anyway, so far I'm enjoying it.  I could critique it, but I'm just going to enjoy the story.  That's what books are for.  Still debating whether or not to read it to the boys.  I'm looking for something that is long, but not chockablock with words that are made up.  I'd like something that would enhance their grasp of language, wholesome, yet also be entertaining.  Maybe something like Robin Hood or Hardy Boys.  Suggestions appreciated.

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