Thursday, January 31, 2008

are you ready for LOST??

Just watching the season ender for last season - I hate all that commentary scrolling on the bottom, but love seeing the episode again.  To get me ready for tomorrow.  Gary bought me season 2 for Christmas and we've been watching it on weekends, but we can only get a couple of episodes in and aren't halfway through.  We usually have OCF (officer christian fellowship) on Thursday night, so we're gonna have to record it and find time to watch it.

Gary is at a "thing" tonight.  A retirement party for a General at the Governor's mansion.  It's $75 a pop, so I didn't go.  I hate those kinds of things anyway.  All Gary is concerned about it what exactly will he get for his money, food-wise!  LOL!

We have a "thing" to go to in a couple of weeks that'll be at the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki.  I haven't been there before, but I hear it's pretty good.  I'm looking more forward to this one, since I will know some people there, plus the General who will be there is one who has been sending me "Get Well" notes on occasion.  It'll be nice to get to say thank you to him and his wife in person and put a face to a name. 

I decided to shop for this function.  I went to a little boutique in Kailua and found a cute little dress for a reasonable price.  Now I need shoes and jewelry!  LOL!  I usually avoid boutiques like the plague.  But it's impossible to find anything at Sears and Macy's, which are the only places to shop at here.  (I really can't afford the upscale stores that are geared for the Japanese tourists - much less fit into the size 0's!)

Ah, the hubby is back.  Gotta go!

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lanurseprn said...

Enjoy your party! I hope you enjoy this season of TV. I don't watch too much. Just a couple of shows.