Wednesday, January 2, 2008

let's take a peek in my fridge, shall we?

This is the day before Christmas, as you can see by the time stamp.  Milk, eggs, pineapple, pita pockets, peas, Subway cup, bottles of water, diet pepsi, juice.... hey, what's that?  What's that glass of bright orange liquid next to the pitcher of frozen orange juice?  Why, it's freshly squeezed orange juice from the orange tree in my own back yard!!  Why look how bright the color is!  It looks like Tang, but it's not!  And how does it taste?  Delicious!

And this is the tree!  Absolutely loaded with oranges.  Or so it was, before I told the yard guys to help themselves.  Oh sure, we have plenty of more, green oranges.  The less rotten oranges in my yard, the better.  This is the same tree that had a total of 3 oranges on it last year when we moved in.  I'd like to tell myself that the tree is exceptionally happy to have our family in it's yard, but I'm thinking the reality is it alternates producing and fallow years. 

Yes, I'm journaling a LOT today.  I don't know why.  I've cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the jalousies with bleach water, dusted, I'm doing laundry, played on the Wii with the boys, read, I've been busy - but it's been a long day.  This is Gary's first day back to work...  Miss him...


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lanurseprn said...

Wow look at the difference in color!! I bet your fresh squeezed is just LOADED with nutrients!! I want some!!
Sounds like you had a day like mine....sort of. Laundry, cleaning, and journaling. Only you had more fun 'cause you got to play Wii!! I'm jealous!