Sunday, January 13, 2008

the results so far

I guess I ought to report on the surgery.  I think it's good so far.  He did not go up in size, but it is a different type of implant with a different projection.  What really has made the most difference is the work he did on the pocket and the fold.  Looks more natural.  Plus, I don't have the rippling and weird feeling bumps underneath the skin (from the wrinkling effect gravity has on the implant).  Let's just say I'm done with this part of reconstruction.  I'm satisfied. 

The bad news is the redness is back.  He tried to take care and use less adhesive - but alas, steri strips require adhesive, and my skin does not like it.  I've washed and I've used a cotton swab with alcohol, but the adhesive is still on there.  I can feel it on there.  It really needs a good scrub, but I'm not doing that!!  Not yet!  I'm also itching.  It's like an itching inside.  Argh!  See, I don't have feeling on the surface, but I'm suspecting that there must be some regain of feeling in the deep tissues that is having that healing itch.  there is a sensitive spot near my armpit that I can gently rub, and it has the affect of scratching.  So I get a little relief there, but reallly, I shouldn't scratch.  It'll be okay once I'm ready to pull off those steri strips.

All in all, if that's all I have to complain about, then there's really nothing to complain about!



mumma4evr said...

glad you got rid of the ripples!!!

purplehazebarn said...

So glad you are more satisfied with the recent implant.  Hope things continue to go well for you.  LaVern

gosso23 said...

I was just stopping by to check and see how you are doing. Hope your healing good. Those steri strips are awful aren't they? I was picking sticky stuff off of myself for weeks!! baby oil helps a little