Thursday, January 3, 2008

the cards...

Jake and Ryan made the cutest cards.  They don't like to color, so it's just written in pencil. 


on the front Ryan's says: I hope you fell better Mrs. Dottie.  (big heart)

inside: You are a great Teacer Mrs. Dottie (heart, heart, heart)  To: Mrs Dottie  From: Ryan

on the front of Jake's: I Hope you feel Better

inside: (heart) I Love You, Mrs. Dottie.  I Hope you'r felling well.  you are the best sunday School theacher In the world!!!  (drawing of the front of a Bible and an open Bible with a line drawn to it saying "bible")  love: Jake

on the back: (a large rectangle with a fat cross inside)

I know those cards would put a smile on my face.  (but I'm biased)  And I didn't even have to threaten them to get them to make them. 

I explained to them that Ms. Dottie was not feeling good, and that's why we were taking her a meal, to help.  They already knew she has cancer, and they know she has a big family.  I had to explain why she was in a wheelchair.  They took it very well.  Yes, I've told them this before, but they are kids and they forget.

We also bought a purple violet plant.


On another note, my little nephew is in the hospital.  I just talked to his mom (my SIL).  They admitted him because he hasn't been drinking or taking his medicine (due to a sore throat) and fevers.  He has been diagnosed with RSV, both ears infected and his tonsils and adenoids are swollen.  He's feeling better now, with an IV and antibiotics in him.  My SIL, Charity said that they have quarrantine signs posted and the cafeteria people just knock on the door and leave the food!


gosso23 said...

Aww, the cards sound so cute. She will love them. I know this must be really hard for you, but you are teaching your kids well. They will grow up to be sweet and caring boys.
Your poor nephew must feel miserable. I know that is highly contagious that is why they have the quarantine signs. Hope he gets better soon.

nay0114 said...

Nice of your sons to do that... so sweet. Your poor nephew hope he gets well soon.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie