Wednesday, January 2, 2008

UH didn't win

UH didn't win the Sugar Bowl.  :-(  It was very quiet here on the island.  You can bet if we were winning, I'd hear the shouts and cheers from around the neighborhood. 

Check out this little You tube video:

It's a commercial.  It's of gingerbread men doing the haka.  Which is a little chant thingy.  The UH team goes out on the middle of the field before the start of their games and does the haka.  Now I don't know if it's their own haka (their own words or what), but it seems a little bit different. (I guess gingerbread men look different than real men)  What's funny is the controversy over it.  I did a search to see if I could find a video of UH doing it's haka.  I found a pretty poorly video'd one and the comments under it are crazy.  People getting all worked up over how their culture (New Zealand, Maori) is being infringed upon.  Not to get into it, but Hawaii is truly a melting pot of Pacific Island cultures and nationalities.  Let's cut some slack for da bruddahs, ya?  It's a cool ting and dey look fierce!!

Seriously, talking about fierce.  The UH players have the craziest hairdo's.    Wild and long.  It's kinda fun.

But, not to be disloyal, but how can I be loyal to a college that I didn't go to and is not in the family line at all..... Anyway, I'm not too surprised that they lost.  After all, it was an SEC team!(ahem)  I'm just saying...  Not that I'm a Georgia fan.  BTW,


Now you know where my loyalties lie.  Deep.

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nay0114 said...

That was the cutest commercial.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie