Sunday, January 6, 2008

the daily report...

I feel like I'm keeping a death watch.  I'm not really.  It's just that today we went to church as usual and got the latest update on Dottie.  I think I mentioned in a previous entry that her mother was in the hospital for heart problems and she has alzheimers and she wanted her mom to go before she did.  Well, Dottie's mom passed away on Friday.  So, while it's sad when anyone passes, it's a rejoicing now that she's in heaven in the presence of Jesus with a whole body and whole mind.

But this week Dottie has become bedridden and is on a morphine drip.  You know what it means when they give you an unlimited supply of pain meds.

The boys and I took the food to them on Friday.  There was a group of people there, which I found out later that they usually have a parade of people coming in and out of their house.  That's how well liked the family is.  So anyway, since I had to park on the street, I just kinda shoved the food at them, the boys gave them the cards and the violet and we left.  Dottie's wheelchair was there, but she was not taking visitors.  I did not know at the time that she was bedridden.  I also didn't know that her mom had just died.

I was a basket case at church today.  I noticed that our sunday school class (obligatory) tissue box was almost empty after today.  So I bought a box to bring next week.  I hope we have no need for it, but I think we may anyway.  We are a crying bunch on any given Sunday.


So, I'm embarrassed to even mention this, but I'm having surgery on Thursday.  I'm getting my saline implant swapped for a silicone.  I met with my plastic surgeon and feel confident that we are on the same page.  It should be an easy surgery.  I also talked to an anesthesiologist, which is usual when you do the pre-op stuff.  I told him about how I threw up all day whenever I ate or drank - and was fine the next morning.  He joked with me about how I assumed it was the anesthesia - of course it was!!  He said yeah.  BUT the turd said there wasn't much they could do about it.  They could tweak what they use, but they don't know what they use or some sort of nonsense.  He made a note on my file and told me to tell the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery.  I forgot to ask about anti-nausea meds.  I guessI could just bear it and enjoy the weight loss for a day.


gosso23 said...

I am so sorry about your friend. It is hard to watch someone fade away. Now her mom will be waiting for her in heaven. I know they enjoyed your meal and the cards.
Good luck with your surgery Thursday. When I had my last surgery they gave me something before hand to help with the nasuea. I think I had to drink it. It was only like a shot glass full. It really helped I forgot what it was though. I will have to google it. What do I google? lolol!
Take care,

frankandmary said...

I am trying to stop by some of the journalers who made me feel better after my weepy/complaining entry :-). Thank you.
I think it is wonderful Dottie's family is so loved & has a good support network. I think your reaction to the situation is very normal.
In regards to your nausea, many drugs, including inapsine, are used before surgery to help with that. Call the surgeon's office & ask about which would be appropriate for you.

lanurseprn said...

Sorry about your friend. That's hard for you to see.

Good luck on Thursday. I hope they get you fixed right up!

nay0114 said...

Sorry about your friend and her mother. Many prayers going that way. Good luck on Thursday.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie