Tuesday, February 20, 2007

brushes with fame

First, the biggee.  We saw Desmond from LOST the other night.  We were sitting in the McDonalds and DH looks up and says "Steph, look".  I'm thinking he's trying to scam some fries (he's done it before), but I turn quickly and then turn back.  He said, did you see him?  Who?  Desmond from Lost.  Are you trying to steal my fries?  No, seriously.  I turn and catch his profile as they (him and a girl) walk past.  They were walking outside on the sidewalk.  Yep, that's his profile.  But, then again, there are a lot of thin, shaggy haired men here.  DH said it was for sure.  He saw him full faced. 

Hee-hee!  Love it.  Too bad they didn't get a snack from McD's.

The second one, not so big.  Today we ate at TGIF's.  The only one on the island, that I know of.  I ordered the sandwich and soup that Betty from Top Chef created.  It was okay, coulda been better if the restaurant had made it right.  The bottom piece of bread was not toasted.  It was drenched in the butter but soggy and not even browned.  Disappointing.  The soup was lukewarm.  It would have been good if prepared right.  A bit greasy.  But that was due to the butter they drench the bread in.

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lanurseprn said...

It's fun to see movie stars!  I've seen a few living here in So Calif.  Hey....those are some stories I could tell, huh? LOL