Saturday, February 17, 2007

toes and bras

First the toe news.  I took off my toenail polish and I've got a little black spot on my toenail.  Gary said it was from all my walking.  You know, like how runner's toenails turn black and fall off from too much running.  LOL!  So I have a tiny little dot.  I really don't think I've done all that much.  Just wait until I get into the serious training!

Bra news.  Yes, I bought another bra.  I figured I have time to buy something that is stretchy and soft in the cup, but without a seam and no wires!  (I HATE wired bras)  I found something that is okay.  I'm gonna need it for as long as I have this stinkin expander.  I assume when I get my new soft squishy boob, bras will feel better.  If I weren't one sided, I wouldn't wear anything.  All the bilateral gals say they love to go without bras, or with a camisole instead. 

Anyway, when I was in the changing room I was shocked for two reasons.  One, the flourescent light - you know how horrible they are - revealed a bruised looking boob.  I have very transluscent skin.  I literally look more purple than pink, or peach or whatever color white folks are supposed to be.  But the wonderful soft lighting I have in our bathroom I don't see this bruising.  (I look GOOD in our bathroom!  my gray hair looks like blonde highlights! the picture on my blog was taken in our bathroom - just imagine how horrible I look in flourescent lighting!!  Yikes!)  The bruised area is centered right where the port on my expander is.  I'm wondering what to blame.  Tight bras?  Bumping into things unknowingly?  My latest attempts at sleeping on my side?  Walking?  (heaven forbid that one!)

Shock Reason #2.  My gargantuan derriere.  Oh-My-Word!  I have my mom's butt!  I mean, I've always had her huge hips and her big butt - but she's a lot bigger now than she used to be - and I think our rears are the same size.  <faint>  She's 71.  She has an excuse.  I'm 41.  No excuse.  Except sitting on my huge fanny cruzing the net.  (and stuffing my face)  I'm too young to be 71.  No, no, no!  Augh!!!  <freak out>


lanurseprn said...

Good luck with the toe. I hope it doesn't fall off!  Gross!!  Glad you found a tolerable bra.  I hate bras, too!  I'd much rather go without, and actually do when I can.  
Have a good weekend.

nana0014 said...

A friend of mine used to get a black spot on her big toe every summer for some reason. Her toenail never fell off she just kept it covered up with toenail polish. But it went away in the fall and winter. She's not a walker so don't know why it kept coming back every year. Good luck.
Take care, Chrissie

demandnlilchit said...

Good lighting is so important!!! lol That's why it was soooo important to leave before last call at the bars when we were younger..those house lights could be brutal! lol lol lol