Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am woman, hear me ROAR!!

I swear, my next career will be in plumbing.  I have fixed yet another toilet.  Every time we move, there are toilet problems.  Of different varieties.  Of different styles of toiletry innards.  I have completed yet another new fix.  For under $5.  <patting myself on the back>  Took less than 5 minutes.  Maybe I'll teach basic plumbing repairs to young ladies.

I'm not sure why, but things like this really get me excited!  I love doing little electrical and plumbing fixes around the house.  Makes me feel, powerful!


am4039 said...

good for you, you can fix my plumbing. LOL. Not mine but I mean my toilets. LOL

lanurseprn said...

It's a good feeling of accomplishment isn't it? And maybe a bit like we're not so helpless after all.
Now come on over, I've got some jobs for you. LOL

gosso23 said...

You are just like me! I would rather figure it out myself than pay someone to come and do it. My husband would let the toilet run for the rest of his life! I put our bathroom faucet on and he layed on the couch. hee hee