Monday, February 19, 2007


We rented movies this weekend.  The boys got a Pokemon movie and Space Jam.  Gary and I rented You, Me and Dupree.  It was a great, quirky date movie.  The romantic comedy part for the girls, and Owen Wilson for the guys.  Anything with Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller is a sure fire thing that a guy will see.  LOL!  We also went OUT to see Night at the Museum.  I thought it was scarey, according to the previews, but a playground mom told me it wasn't.  It WAS a bit intense - but the boys liked it.  Warning, the previews before the movie were NOT age appropriate.  I hate that.  I want to see Bridge to Terabithia next.

I thought for sure that Jake would have a night terror, but he didn't.  He's my night terror boy.   When he was much younger, he went through a long phase of having them nightly.  We eventually started going into his room and shaking him at about 10:00 each night.  That was usually before they would happen.  And 80% of the time it worked.  We found this advice on the internet.  It's supposed to keep him from going into too deep a sleep.  Eventually he stopped.  Either fell out of the habit or outgrew it.  Who knows.  But he will still have them on the night of a big day.  Like the first day of school or when something memorable happens like a strongly imaged movie or a class field trip.

Today the cubscouts had their Blue and Gold banquet.  It was fun for the boys.  Games, food, badges - all kinds of good fun.  Rats, still don't have a camera.  The bane of a scrapbooker.  Speaking of which, I got a few pages done this past week.  I've probably done 4 pages this year.  Not great, but something is better than nothing.  I think I'm getting my groove back since moving here.  However, it's getting a little, you know.  I'm kinda tired of doing soccer pages.  At least they haven't done soccer in a while, they are in martial arts now - and I have very few pictures of that.  Me getting smart!  We are hoping to get them into ukulele next time.


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am4039 said...

sounds like a good time renting movies and stuff. Good that he out grew the night terrors.