Monday, February 19, 2007

more rambling

I was just reminded of Oprah's latest thing.  I'm really not sure about her.  This "the secret" thing on the surface sounds reasonable with some flakiness thrown in - but I just have the most uneasy feeling about it.  The same when she had that lady on there years ago who was all about LOVE.  Now I haven't seen a whole show uninterrupted - it comes on during homework time.  I guess I'm uneasy about how God is eliminated from the picture.  A bit humanistic in that you are made to believe that you can actually direct your life if you just do the right things, have the right mindset.   I'm not getting this out right.  Some of the things I heard I do agree with, I just don't like the closeness to things that you do as part of your relationship to God, yet leave Him out of it.  I don't know if that was the intention, but it sure seemed like it - that piece of the pie was so completely missing.   I mean, Oprah is always referring to a, or your, higher power - but never actually asserting that there is One.  Too wishy washy and politically correct for my taste, compromising.  I guess you do that when you are a billionaire.  I feel like she's, intentionally or not, starting a religion almost or finding the good things about it and making a secular replacement for it.  Does that make sense?

Whatever.  I need to really pray about it before I watch any more of those shows.  Actually, if I have a bad feeling about it, then that should be enough for me to just flip her off for good. (not give her the bird, flip off the tv!)  That's a hard move for me to make, since I like being informed.  But I also know how easily influenced I am - and do I reallly want Oprah to be my spiritual guide???? NO!  

Well, I know that my thoughts will not be popular.  And they are poorly written.  Just know, if you are uncomfortable about this secret thing, you are not alone.  I may be alone, and I can stand alone just fine.  It's interesting trying to walk that line of judging what is true, keeping your mind open enough to break away from things you may have been taught as true that you discover are not, and protecting yourself from the slickest deceptions.  Staying in prayer and staying in the Word are so very precious.  Time to don the armor!


purplehazebarn said...

I don't watch Oprah, but if she is referring to "a higher power", sounds like a 12 Step Program jargon to me, as I understand they use that terminology so as not to offend the religion of any of those attending the meetings.  Could it be Oprah is in one of their programs herself, and is just sharing their philosophy with her audience?  They have them for all sorts of addictions: drinking, sex, over-eating, over-spending, etc.  Seems you name it, they have it.  Just a thought.  LaVern

ukgal36 said...

I am always on a Spiritual path and am learning more about the Secret.. I think I understandwhere you are coming from on this.. as for oprah she has to refer to a "higher power' as opposed to saying God.. she has readers of every denomination and is trying to be politically correct.. I do know that she herself believes in God and prayer.... I am on the fence with Oprah most of the time.. but something about this Secret intriques me..I am all about gratitude and a positive  attitude and this is an extension of that...
Now who is rambling?  and it is so not coming out right either... LOL
have a good week...

lanurseprn said...

I don't know about this secret thing. I don't watch Oprah, though. She's done some things and said some things that were offensive to me in the past.  It just gets me about these talk show hosts.....that's what they ARE!  A talk show host. Society treats them as if they are everything from psychologists, to gurus, to ministers of faith.  I get very irritated by it.  
So this secret thing....I'll have to check this out.  I don't believe you can go through life without being next to God.  And why can't she admit she believes in God?  Why does she have to be politically correct? Isn't that in a way denouncing God?  
As you can see...Oprah is one of my soap boxes.  I will stop here. LOL!
Have a good day.

demandnlilchit said...

I found 'The secret" to be part fish oil too....most of what it is was preaching was common sense anyway, there shouldn't have been that much to talk about, let alone dedicate 2 shows too.


am4039 said...

I haven't watched oprah so I know nothing about a secret, now I have many. LOL