Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm still here

I just don't have much to say.

I feel so very bad.  I forgot my neice's birthday!   It was in early January.  And no, it's not in retaliation.  They forgot Jake and Ryan's birthday - and were even reminded of it by my parents (who were royally mad).  But I totally forgot and no one reminded me.  It just hit me all of a sudden, for no particular reason.  So I've bought a cute little shirt and will go out and buy a card and apologize profusely!  Poor little Sydney.  She's the oldest of the clan and she's only 6.  She has a baby brother and toddler sister, so I feel for her.

And to top it off, Gary's niece had her first baby in December and we haven't even sent a card!!  How awful!  I've been shopping and I did buy an adorable Ty bear and a little tiny baby blue new testament and a cute card, but I need to add just one more thing to make it complete.  Of course, this all doesn't even phase Gary.  So tomorrow, I'm off to find Hawaiian style stuffs and go ahead and buy something for Sarah - her birthday is in March.  No time like the present.  Then actually get everything in the mail.

I have GOT to get all these birthdays and such into some foolproof system.  I have all my addresses and mess in a little recipe box, written on index cards and alphabetized.  But if you don't remember what months have the birthdays, you never look.  And I haven't had a chance to update my calendar.  Oy.  Technically, I still haven't finished my Christmas cards.  I have an address here on the computer desk under this pile of papers that I need to unearth.  Help me!  I'm drowning in a sea of disorganization!!


lanurseprn said...

Sounds like MY desk, to be honest! LOL!
The kids will enjoy getting presents late.  It'll be like another party to them.  No worries!
I never had the chance to forget my nieces and nephews Bdays 'cause they always had HUGE parties we were forced to attend.  Big family so sometimes we were forced to attend a birthday party on every weekend.  It got old!
Have a good day.

amyrangei said...

OMG, you sound like me.  If I didn't have my mother calling me every five minutes to nag me about thank you cards from my baby shower I wouldn't have sent them off.