Monday, February 5, 2007


Next time will be va-va-va-voom.  I got 75 cc's today and it looks equal to me.  Well, as equal as you can get.  The reconstructed side has the flat lopped off look, so it doesn't fill out a bra correctly.  The doc says one more fill, to make it larger, which will aid in the natural droop.  (who wants droop?? LOL!)  At the next fill we will book the surgery!!

My camera is broken.  The new battery didn't help.  But I was able to plug the memory card directly into the pc.  Pictures will come later.


mzgoochi said...

I'd take droop to my knees over a flat chest with nothing to look at but scars.

Congrats and I'm glad you're doing so well.


lanurseprn said...

I'm glad it's going so well for you.  Congrats!

demandnlilchit said...

With me, the new one is 38 D, the old one is 38 L.....(long) lol My lift is set for 4/4/07....yipeeeeee! lol