Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pam inspired me

Yes, I'm blaming this entry on you!  LOL!

It's currently sunny, beautiful and 80 degrees.  I'll be grilling a flank steak and we'll eat our Valentines dinner outside in our shorts, as usual.  If it dips down to 72, we might put on long sleeved shirts.  Well, maybe only me, since girls get chilly quicker than guys.

How's that snow??


I know.  That was cruel and evil.  My only regret is that my camera is broken and I can't SHOW you how beautiful it is.

Who knew I was so bad??  I might as well enjoy it now.  Our next assignment will probably be in Iceland.  We're due a hardship tour.  Especially if they suspect Gary will retire soon.


Augh!  ANOTHER teacher busted for dealing drugs, cocaine and something else.  A teacher was busted last fall for selling Meth. and two teachers were caught smoking pot before school in the car pool parking lot.  Great.  That means that they are going to start testing teachers for drugs.  Instead of using the money to increase salaries or fix the schools or buy books...


gosso23 said...

Lucky you! It snowed here yesterday and we had a snow day! No school, which meant I had to fight my daughter for the computer all day. Teachers smoking pot before school? That makes me crazy.

mzgoochi said...

you wouldn't enjoy rubbing it in, would you? LOL Enjoy!

lanurseprn said...

LOL you can't blame me for this one!  It's your own evil streak showing thru!! LOL!

demandnlilchit said...

Oh you ARE evil! lol