Monday, April 16, 2007

Don Ho :-(

Well, as you may or may not already know, Don Ho passed away yesterday.  So in honor of his passing, I thought I'd share my own rememberance of him.

The last time we lived in Hawaii, Gary's office went to see Don Ho's show.  This is the picture of our group that we bought.  Don Ho is standing behind the white chair, he's the one with his arm reaching down with his hand on Sarah's, um, shoulder.  LOL!  I'm standing in the front wearing khaki shorts and the dark vest.  Gary, my husband, is standing on my right.  Someone has a picture of me and Gary standing with him, and he has this learing look towards me.  LOL! 

As for the show, he epitomizes the Hawaii laid back style.  He SAT through the whole show behind this console thing, keyboard I guess.  He mumbled a lot, and occasionally spoke on a phone!  A little strange.  He sang all the favorites, and of course, tiny bubbles.  He took requests and honored those with anniversaries and birthdays.  (very typical Hawaii show)  Lots of old people there.  It was a good time.

Everyone sing with me:

Tiny bubbles, in the wine, makes me feel happy, makes me feel fine.

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lanurseprn said...

I have some pictures of him from when my Dad went to Hawaii.  Hawaii won't be the same now.