Friday, April 13, 2007

say aaaahhhhhh!

I'm getting a little tired of visiting the dentist.  Wednesday Ryan had his last 2 teeth filled and today I went for my checkup.  This is my first visit to this dentist, so I got the "works".  It was a 2 hour appointment!!  Yikes!

No cavities, but he tried to convince me to get some of my old metal fillings replaced and get an appliance to wear to bed to prevent teeth grinding.  I turned them down.  And then the hygenist - wowser! She poked and prodded and scraped and rinsed and spit and then all over again.  I got more scraped than I think ever.  Then she brings out this other tool that looks like a scraper, but it makes whining sounds like a drill.  She said it was a ultrasonic cleaning tool.  THEN she finally got around to polishing and the flouride.

You know, I brush at least twice a day - for the full 2 minutes - and I floss every single day.  I take good care of my teeth.  WHAT was she scraping off????  And just how long would an appointment be for those that neglect their teeth??  Oy!

This is clean up weekend in the Brock household.  The homeowners are going to be on-island next week and want to walk through the house.  Ugh.  I still haven't recovered from the 2 week spring break, so there is a lot to clean.  Why am I on the pc now???  I should be picking up!

I long for the day we settle down and own our own home.  *sigh*


gosso23 said...

Ugggg I hate the dentist. I always said I would rather have a pap smear. hee hee.
I'm a grinder and a clencher too. They have a mouth piece you can buy at the store now for about 20 bucks! I am sure the dentist would charge a couple hundred. If your reading should be picking up your house instead...lolol

nana0014 said...

Wow a two hour appointment. Good for you no new cavities that is always a plus. Have a great weekend.
Take care, Chrissie  

lanurseprn said...

One time I asked a dentist for an appliance for teeth grinding and he said there isn't such a thing??  I KNEW there was!  At least you are set for another 6 mos!